SecurID Appliance A250-R710 SP4 Factory Reset Patch

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RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0 now ships with SP4. For existing customers, an SP4 factory reset patch is available from RSA SecurCare Online and can be applied to upgrade the Appliance factory image in the field.
  Warning: Applying the factory reset patch ( to a pre-SP4 system will result in data loss. Please refer to the SP4 Factory Reset Release Notes for more detail.
  Determining the model of your appliance
  In order to know which Service Pack file to download, you need to determine the chassis model of your Appliance. To do this, complete these steps:
  Step 1: Enable SSH on Your Appliance
  If necessary, perform the following procedure to enable Secure Shell (SSH) on your Appliance. To enable SSH on your Appliance:
  1. In the Operations Console, click  Administration > Networking > Configure Connectivity using SSH.
  3. Click Enable SSH.
  5. In the Bind SSH to Selected NICs list box, select one or more network interface cards (NICs). To select multiple NICs, hold the CTRL key while clicking additional NICs.
  7. Use the arrow buttons to move the NICs to the Selected box on the right. This selects the NICs.
  9. Click Save.
  Step 2: Run Omreport to Display Your Chassis Model
  To run omreport to display your chassis model:
  1. Open an SSH connection to your Appliance.
  3. Log on as emcsrv using the operating system password.
  5.       Run omreport to display your chassis model. Type:
          omreport chassis info and press ENTER.   
  7. Find the value for ""Chassis Model,"" for example, PowerEdge R200.
  Find the appropriate Service Pack file to download in the following table:                                                                                                       
Chassis ModelService Pack 4 File
PowerEdge R200RSA SecurID Appliance A130-R200 SP4 Factory Reset Patch
PowerEdge R210RSA SecurID Appliance A130-R210 SP4 Factory Reset Patch
PowerEdge 2950RSA SecurID Appliance A250-2950 SP4 Factory Reset Patch
PowerEdge R710RSA SecurID Appliance A250-R710 SP4 Factory Reset Patch