RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of Web Threat Detection 5.0.1

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RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of Web Threat Detection 5.0.1. The release includes product enhancements and 70 fixes. The highlights of the release are:




1)     Single sign-on functionality introduced in 5.0, has been enhanced to include login for Configuration Manager by adding ÔSystem AdministratorÕ permission.


2)     Configuration Manager is now authenticated via RSA Web Threat Detection authentication APIs instead of Basic Auth.


3)     Logs are parsed and displayed correctly in the Transaction Viewer. This addresses the known log parsing issue from 5.0.


4)     All Saved Searches including the ones with duplicate names will be displayed. Since, all Saved Searches have a unique identifier, it is now possible to delete a specific Saved Search.


5)     Error massages, now contain, less information about parameter values. Though these parameter values were not exploitable, they are removed for security purposes.


6)     Incident reference number is now available while exporting an Incident to CSV. When Incident is exported to CSV, the Incident Number is now included.


7)     String look up functions in rule writing are made case insensitive.


8)     Attribute values are decoded correctly in the Stream View. 






The RSA Web Threat Detection platform runs on CentOS 6.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x.






RSA recommends that customers upgrade to RSA Web Threat Detection 5.0.1 now available for download.  Follow the instructions below to obtain the software.



Obtaining Web Threat Detection 5.0.1 Software:


To download the Web Threat Detection 5.0.1 software, log on to RSA SecurCare Online at and follow these steps:


    1.     Click ""Products"" in the top navigation menu.


    2.     Select ""RSA Silver Tail/Web Threat Detection"" from the list of products.


    3.     Select the ""Version Upgrades"" link at the top of the page.


    4.     You will be presented with a list of products that you are entitled to based on the RSA products you have purchased.  Select the ""RSA Silver Tail F&M SW On Prem Lic"" to access the available Web Threat Detection software downloads.  If you do not have this license in your list of products, then please contact RSA Customer Support.