RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of Silver Tail 4.1.1

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RSA, The Security Division of EMC, announces the release of Silver Tail 4.1.1


The Silver Tail platform runs on CentOS 5.x and 6.x or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x and 6.x




Silver Tail 4.1.1 includes fixes for two urgent issues found in 4.1.0

1. For those customers that are using Content Delivery Service providers such as Akamai, there was an issue with handling HTTP headers that carried the original client IP address. This caused incorrect IP address to be identified as the client




2. When a User or an IP visit pages that are configured to be ignored, their profile page cannot be viewed because of the UI Server crash. The crash will happen only if the HTTP transaction also contains HTTP arguments.






The recommended platform for RSA Silver Tail 4.1.x installations is CentOS 6.1 or higher. Support for existing versions of RSA Silver Tail on older versions of CentOS/RHEL continues, but potentially, starting from the next release, we may not support versions of CentOS/RHEL older than 6.1.


Silver Tail 4.1.0 release is focused on two main areas of the User Interface


Increased Visibility
Streaming Analytics is RSA Silver Tails proprietary click-by-click threat scoring capability. In 4.1, we introduced Click Scores in Stream View to enable users to pinpoint the individual click that elevates the threat scores.




With this release, user activity can now be seen before the end of the hour using the Mitigator. When an Incident is detected, information such as geo-location, clicks, pages visited and alerts created for that user is now immediatelyaccessible.




In addition Stream View has an expanded time range, allowing users to see up to one week of data. This makes it easy to find out when the user was active in the past and also spot repeated behavior over a longer period of time.




Silver Tail 4.0 transformed how security professionals work. We used visualization and Streaming Analytics of Big Data to both simplify threat detection and investigation and deliver insight into your threat landscape.




With 4.1, we continue to innovate and invest heavily in usability. This is to further help accelerate investigations for quicker threat response. This release also addressed user feedback including usability improvements such as adding page-specific traffic trends and adding a WHOIS lookup to IP addresses so that all relevant data appears on a single page.




Affected Products:


Unaffected Products:


RSA recommends that customers upgrade to Silver Tail Version 4.1.1