Common Authentication Issues with RSA Link

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This document addresses some common issues that may be seen when attempting to log in to RSA Link and/or access specific spaces, and includes steps for correcting them.


An SSO Error is displayed when logging in

When logging in to RSA Link, an SSO Error may be displayed, as shown in the screenshot below.


This error generally means that the user has not yet registered for an RSA Link account.

To resolve the issue, go to (or click on the large REGISTER NOW button on the RSA Link home page) and register for an account using your corporate email address.  Once the registration process is complete, you should be able to log in without any issue.



Unauthorized message is displayed when attempting to access a specific space

Some spaces within RSA Link are restricted to specific audiences such as entitled customers, employees, or user groups.

When you attempt to visit one of these spaces and do not have the appropriate permissions, the error below will be displayed.


Some spaces, such as the Archer Customer/Partner Community and the RSA Via L&G Client/Partner Community spaces, require a form to be filled out to request access.  The Archer Request Form is found on the Archer GRC space and the RSA Via L&G Request Form is found on the RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance space.  Once the form has been filled out and access has been granted, you should receive a welcome email.


Other spaces, such as the Download spaces for each product version, require the user to be affiliated with one or more active entitlements for the product.  This functionality is still being implemented and should be available within the coming weeks.  In the meantime, product downloads are still accessible on RSA SecurCare Online.


RSA employees will be granted access to all restricted and internal spaces on RSA Link within 60 seconds after logging in for the first time.  They will know that they have been granted access when the RSA icon appears next to their name when clicking on their avatar icon in the top-right corner, as shown below.





Access Denied message is displayed when logging in

Some new users may see the Access Denied message below when attempting to log in to RSA Link.


This error generally means that the risk-based authentication methods (i.e. Security Questions and/or On-Demand Authentication) have not yet been configured.  To do this, you must visit the self-service console at and configure one or both of the methods.  You should then be able to log in successfully to RSA Link.





Service Temporarily Unavailable message displays when logging in

On rare occasions, a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message may display when attempting to log in to RSA Link.


This error indicates that the Single Sign-On service used with RSA Link is currently undergoing maintenance.

Wait a few minutes and attempt to sign in again and you should be able to log in without any issue.

However, if the error continues to appear after several minutes and multiple attempts, please send an email to to inform the RSA Support team.




Server Hangup error displayed when accessing various spaces

In very rare circumstances, a Server Hangup error may be displayed when attempting to view various spaces throughout RSA Link.


When this occurs, clear the browser cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete and then visit the page again to resolve the issue.

If the error continues to display, Contact RSA Customer Support for further assistance.



"A server error has occurred" is displayed when registering for an account

When registering for an account on the Registration Portal, it may be possible to see the error message below appear.


This error generally means that a previous registration attempt had failed and must be resolved before another attempt can occur.

To resolve the issue, Contact RSA Customer Support and they will be able to engage the IT team to clear the failed attempt.



When clicking on the My RSA link in the main navigation menu or the Create Case button on the RSA Support page, the Salesforce Single Sign-On Error below is displayed.  This issue can occur when a user account becomes out-of-sync between RSA Link and My RSA.

To resolve the issue, Contact RSA Customer Support and they will be able to engage the IT team to correct the error. 



If you encounter any other issues that are not mentioned in this document, please Contact RSA Customer Support and they will be happy to assist you.

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