Context Hub: Change Context Hub Storage Password

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In Security Analytics, this procedure is optional. However, it is always a best practice for administrators to change any default password for added security. Some organizations do not allow default passwords and make this procedure mandatory.


You must have Administrator role privileges.


Change Password for Context Hub Database

  1. Log on to ESA host that runs the Context Hub service:

    1. SSH to the ESA host.
    2. Log on as root.
  2. Log on to the MongoDB as the admin user:

    mongo admin -u admin -p <current_admin_password> --authenticationDatabase admin

  3. Switch to Context Hub database.

    use context-wds


  4. Type the following command to change the Context Hub account password. The default pasword is context.


Update Context Hub Database Configuration with the new Password

  1. Log on to Security Analytics as admin.
  2. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.
  3. Select the Context Hub service, then ic-actns.png> View > Explore.
  4. In the Explore view on the left, select Configuration > database.


  5. In the right panel, type the updated database password in the MongoPassword field.
  6. Restart the Context Hub service to accept the password change and force the session to start using the new password.

    1. Select Administration > Services.
    2. Select the Context Hub service, and click Actns.png > Restart.
  7. To validate the password change, go to the Config view of Context Hub service and check the configured data sources, and lists.

    • If content appears in the Data Sources and Lists tab, the passwords match and were changed successfully.
    • If you do not see the required content in the Data Sources and Lists tab, revise the service password to match the MongoDB password.
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