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This topic describes the features of Context Hub Services Config view > Lists tab.

The List tab of the Context Hub service allows you to create one or more lists and add relevant list values to the list. These lists are automatically considered as data sources for the Context Hub service.

Note: You can also create lists and add list values from Investigation views. For instructions, see the Manage Lists and List Values in Investigation topic in the Investigation and Malware Analysis Guide.

To access this tab:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration > Services.

    The services view is displayed.

  2. In the Services panel, select the Context Hub service and click settings.png > View > Config.

    The Services Config view of Context Hub is displayed.

  3. Click the List tab.

    The List panel is displayed.



The List tab consists of the Lists panel and List Values panel. The Lists panel has a toolbar with options to add, delete, import, and export lists. The entries under List Name are lists that are added or imported for the Context Hub service. 
The List Values panel has a toolbar with options to add, delete, and import list values to the selected list. The entries under Value identify each list entry included in the list.

The following table describes the features of the List tab in the Services Config View for Context Service.

ic-add.png Add a new list.
For more information, see Configure Lists as a Data Source for Context Hub.
ic-delete.png Delete a list.
If you delete a list from Context Hub, the list is no longer considered as a data source for retrieving contextual information.
 ic-Import.pngImport lists to Context Hub. For more information, see Import or Export Lists for Context Hub.
 ic-export.pngExport a list to the local machine. For more information, see Import or Export Lists for Context Hub.
List NameUnique name to identify the list.
DescriptionDescription of the list.
SaveSaves and closes the dialog.

The following table describes the features of the List Values section on the List tab.

ic-add.png Add a new list value to the selected list.
ic-delete.png Delete one or more list values from the list. 
 ic-Import.pngImport list values to the selected list.
SaveSaves and closes the dialog.
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