Alerting: Add a Data Enrichment Source

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This topic tells how to add a previously configured enrichment source to a rule. When ESA creates an alert, information from the source gets included in it.

Enrichments provide the ability to include contextual information into correlation logic and alert output. Without enrichments, all information included in an ESA alert is from a Security Analytics core service. With enrichments, you can request for look ups into a variety of sources and include the results into the outgoing alerts. The following figure illustrates the enrichment feature.


Enrichment configuration is made up of two logical units:

  • Enrichment Sources – These are data stores of contextual information.
  • Enrichment Connections – These act as connectors between alert meta and source columns.

ESA allows you to make connections between Event Processing Language (EPL) statements and enrichment sources. Once the connections are established, the system joins the selected fields from the alert output with the information in the sources and uses the matching data to enrich the alert that is sent out. ESA can connect with the following sources:

  • Esper Named Windows
  • Relational Database tables
  • MaxMindGeoIP Database
  • RSA Warehouse Analytics Watchlists

Note: The geoIP enrichment source can neither be created nor deleted. It is provided out of the box to the user.

Sample Rule with Enrichment

The following sample rule illustrates the enrichment feature provided by ESA:

@RSAAlert @Name("simple") SELECT * FROM CoreEvent(ec_theme='Login Failure')

The rule generates an alert for every logon failure and thus if the following (simplified) event stream is received at ESA:

1Login Successdshrute23.xx.23x.16  


An alert with the following constituent events might be generated in response to the second session:

    "events": [
            "username": "jhalpert",
            "host_dst": "",
            "ip_dst": "31.1x.x9.1x8",
            "sessionid": 2,
            "ec_theme": "Login Failure",
            "esa_time": 1406148964130,
            "ip_src": "23.xx.23x.16"

The JSON output shows all the information available for inclusion into an ESA notification using an appropriate FreeMarker
template. For instance, the template expression ${events[0].username} would evalute to jhalpert.

With enrichments, the same module, with the same event stream, can generate the alert shown below. The system
can make multiple enrichment connections and pull contextual data to make the alert more meaningful.

For example:
${events[0]["RSADataScienceLookup"][0].score} gives the “risk” score of the destination domain computed by the RSA Warehouse Analytics module while ${events[0]["orgchart"][0].supervisor} gives the name of the supervisor of the employee that the alert pertains to (pulled from an HR database) and ${events[0]["LoginRegister"][0].username} gives the name of the user with the last successful logon from the same ip_src (using a stream based Named Window).

{"events": [
        "username": "jhalpert",
        "host_dst": "",
        "GeoIpLookup": [
            "city": "Cambridge",
            "longitude": -71,
            "countryCode": "US",
            "areaCode": 617,
            "metroCode": 506,
            "region": "MA",
            "dmaCode": 506,
            "ipv4Obj": "/",
            "countryName": "United States",
            "postalCode": "02142",
            "ipv4": "",
            "latitude": 42,
            "organization": "Verizon Business"
    "RSADataScienceLookup": [
            "model_id": "suspiciousDomains_1",
            "_id": "",
            "score": 10,
            "key": ""
    "orgchart": [
            "supervisor": "mscott",
            "name": "James Halpert",
            "extension": 3692,
            "location": "Scranton",
            "department": "Sales",
            "id": "jhalpert"
    "ip_dst": "",
    "sessionid": 2,
    "LoginRegister": [
            "username": "dshrute",
            "ip_src": ""
    "ec_theme": "Login Failure",
    "esa_time": 1406155218912,
    "ip_src": ""

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