SNMP v3 User Manager Configuration Parameters

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This topic describes the SNMP v3 User Manager configuration parameters.

To access the SNMP v3 User Manager Configuration Parameters:

  1. In the Security Analytics menu, select Administration >Services.
  2. In the Services grid, select a Log Collector service.
  3. Click AdvcdExpandBtn.PNGunder Actions and select View > Config.
  4. In the Event Sources tab, select SNMP/SNMP v3User Manager from the drop-down menu.


The SNMP/SNMP v3 User Manager view in the Event Sources tab has one panel: SNMP v3 Users.

SNMP v3 Users

In the SNMP v3 Users panel, you can add, delete, or edit SNMP v3 users.

Icon-Add.png Displays the Add SNMP dialog in which you define an SNMP v3 user parameters.
Icon_Delete_sm.png Deletes the selected SNMP v3 users.
icon-edit.png Displays the Edit SNMP dialog in which you edit SNMP v3 user parameters. After you save changes to the SNMP user configuration, the Security Analytics prompts to restart SNMP collection. When you restart SNMP collection,  Security Analytics uses the changed parameter values.
Checkbox.png Selects SNMP v3 users.
SNMP v3 User ParametersDisplays the each SNMP v3 user that you have added with its parameters.

Add or Edit SNMP User Dialog

In this dialog, you add or modify SNMP v3 user parameters.

Username *

User name (or more accurately in SNMP terminology, security name).

Security Analytics uses this parameter and the Engine ID parameter to create a user entry in the SNMP engine of the collection service. The Username and Engine ID combination must be unique (for example, logcollector).

Engine ID

(Optional) Engine ID of the event source. For all event sources sending SNMP v3 traps to this collection service, you must add the username and engine id of the sending event source. For all event sources sending SNMPv3 informs, you must add just the username with a blank engine id.”
For example, Username =  logcollector and Engine ID = 80001F8880C7110000410449510000.

Authentication Type

(Optional)  Authentication protocol.
Valid values are:

  • None (default) - only security level of noAuthNoPriv can be used for traps sent to this service
  • SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm
  • MD5 - Message Digest Algorithm
Authentication PassphraseOptional if you do not have the Authentication Type set.  Authentication passphrase.
Privacy Type

(Optional) Privacy protocol. You can only set this parameter if Authentication Type parameter is set. Valid values are:

  • None (default)
  • AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
  • DES - Data Encryption Standard
Privacy PassphraseOptional if you do not have the PrivacyType set.  Privacy passphrase
CloseCloses the dialog without adding the SNMP v3 user  or saving modifications to the parameters.
SaveAdds the SNMP v3 user parameters or saves modifications to the parameters.


Configure SNMP v3 Users

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