000031594 - Data should be backed up before upgrading an RSA ECAT environment

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Article Number000031594
Applies ToRSA Product Set: ECAT
RSA Product/Service Type: Server, Client, SQL Database
RSA Version/Condition: 4.x
Platform: Windows
Platform (Other): Microsoft SQL Server
Issue The purpose of this KB article is to help make the ECAT upgrade process a seamless experience and to avoid data loss if the upgrade should fail.
ResolutionBefore performing an upgrade, it is strongly recommended to do the following:
  1. Back up all Microsoft SQL Server ECAT databases.  (Primary and Secondary) and transactions logs for said databases.
  2. Backup ECAT certificates (see ECAT Install Guide for specific directions on how to export ECAT CA certificates)
  3. Create a backup copy files located in the ECAT Install folder (<Drive>\ECAT\Server folder) 
    • km,km.FCD
    • ConsoleServer.exe, ApiServer.exe (file extension of CONF, or .XML) 
    • ECAT license file (file extension is .LIC)
  4. Export a copy of the Whitelist/Blacklist file(ECAT UI -> Tools -> Import/Export xml file -> export Whitelist/Blacklist file
Very Important:

Sufficient free space for the transaction log file to grow. You need 2x the current size of the transaction log file. This is very important, if the transaction log cannot grow, the upgrade will fail and the database will be in an unrecoverable state.

 Steps to perform prior to the upgrade:
  1. Stop the SQL Agent Service (verify there are no SQL agent jobs that are running)
  2. Stop the RSA  Console Server Service
  3. Stop the ECAT API service
  4. Close all sessions off the  SQL Management Studio
  5. Close all instances of the ECAT UI

Note: if you are upgrading to 4.1.x from any version and using MSSQL 2008 database.

Contact RSA Customer support for further directions. There are specific steps needed in order to prepare the database for upgrades to 4.1 and higher versions of ECAT.

If an upgrade fails, contact RSA Support and quote this article number for assistance with restoring from the backup.

First a word about the naming convention, the numbering system is built on 4 numbers separated by dots (periods). The first digit is the major release number, followed by the minor number, the third digit is the service pack version and the forth the hot fix number. To illustrate, you have ECAT version

The number 4, is the major release, number 1 is the minor release version, 1. Is the service pack and the last number 1 is the hot fix number. For ECAT version the breakdown as follows; 4 major release, 1 is minor, 2 is the service pack number since the number is 0. (There have not been any hot fixes released for this version)