000027760 - Best practice use of an RSA Archer Development environment.

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 Best practice use of a Development environment. 

1.       Backup the production database and restore it to Development.  This clears out Development work that was been done in the past and best aligns values and functionality used in production with development efforts.  The RSA Archer system uses Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) to align fields, values, tables, users and other system objects, developing with production GUIDs best assure data alignment as a package is moved to production.  The packaging process does have a GUID mapper to assist with this process but it is best to start development with production data. 

2.       Keep the same version of the RSA Archer software in Development and the Production environment when doing application development. 

3.       When validating new RSA Archer releases it is best to refrain from doing new development until there is confidence that the production system is going to be upgraded to the same version.  RSA Archer packages are not backward compatible and development must be redone on a Development system with a version equal or lower than the production system.  

4.       Another best practice is adding a User Acceptance Test (UAT) or Quality Assurance (QA) environment to the process, use of a UAT/QA system is allowed under the RSA Archer licensing agreement.  Most RSA archer clients take advantage of this middle environment to validate changes prior to a production push.  It is also a good practice to backup the production database and restore it to UAT/QA prior to moving a development package into the system.  Any licensed production environment assumes a Development environment and UAT/QA environment as well as a warm Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.  The license agreement prohibits multiple production instances. 

5.       The more recent version of RSA Archer best support the packaging process.

IssueBest practice use of a Development environment. 
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