000026614 - Install  SC and Grid Worker on a different drive  (Not the C: drive)

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Article Number000026614
Applies ToRSA Data Loss Prevention
IssueInstall  SC and Grid Worker on a different drive  (Not the C: drive)
The default action is have the SC and Grid Worker installed on the C: drive. There are presently no method to configure DLP to install on different drive
ResolutionFor new and existing Site Coordinator.
WorkaroundHere are the steps to take in order to install SC on non C: drive
1. Copy the  GPO password from the SC configuration page. DLP UI -> Admin -> Datacenter -> Configuration and Status  -> click SC link, click edit, click Config -> Copy the Internal Site Password and  GPO/Push Site password to notepad. (note: the GPO used by the EC to contact the SC, and once connection is made, the internal password is used). click cancel.
2. Logon to the Enterprise Coordinator, navigate to the  INSTALLDIR\RSA\Discovery\EnterpriseCoordinator\dependencies folder. Copy the Agent.msi file  to the SC.
3. On the SC, verify that account used is domain admin and or has local admin rights to SC. If this is an existing SC, remove the RSA agent via add-remove programs. Delete the RSA folder.  Click on the agent.msi. to begin the install of the agent. During the install, you will be prompted for the GPO password, copy it from notepad file. Change the install path to desired location. Complete the install of agent.
4. If this is an existing SC, you need to go back to the EM UI and click edit and save the SC configuration page.
For new and existing Grid Worker(s)
1 .On an existing or new Grid Scan Group, verify or change the agent settings tab to make the make the deployed agents permanent.
   (Admin -> Datacenter -> Configuration and Status -> Select grid group, click config, click edit, click optional settings, click agent settings tab, check the box "Make deployed agents permanent"
   click save, and save.
2.  Copy the GPO password from the SC configuration page. (same as the SC which Grid Worker  is assigned to)
3. Obtain the software from the EC. (same process as used for the SC)
4. If existing grid worker, remove the RSA agent. (same method as used for removing SC software).
5.  On the Grid Worker, copy the agent.msi file. (verify that account used is member of domain admin and/or has local admin rights to the grid worker)
6. click the install program, when prompted, enter the GPO password and change location to desired path.
7.  Complete the install process. (there will not be an attempt to make connection until a new scan is started)
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