000026260 - AM 7.1- How to manually Generate a node secret file

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Article Number000026260
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 7.1 on all supported platforms
Appliance 3.0
Node Secret
IssueGenerate and load a node secret file Manually

To generate a Node Secret file manually in Authentication Manager 7.1, follow the steps below:

- Logon to the Security Console

- From the top menu select ACCESS>AUTHENTICATION AGENTS>MANAGE EXISTING   (if the agent host entry is not created, select ADD NEW and create a new AGENT HOST Entry for the agent)

- Click on the AGENT and Select MANAGE NODE SECRET...

- Check the CREATE NODE SECRET check Box and enter the Encryption Password.

- Click Save and download the file.


To Load the Node Secret file on the Agent, follow the steps below:

- Copy the "agent_nsload.exe" utility to the Agent Machine (On a Windows server, a copy of agent_nsload.exe can be found in RSA_HOME\utils\bin\ace_nsload  where RSA_HOME is the RSA installation directory.  On an RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0, agent_nsload.exe can be found in /usr/local/RSASecurity/RSAAuthenticationManager/utils/bin/ace_nsload/linux-2.4-x86).

- Copy the Node Secret file generated to the Agent Machine (unzip the file and place it in a directory on the agent. Example C:\temp)

- Open a command line and run the following command

  agent_nsload -f path -p password

 Where "path" is the absolute path to nodesecret.rec and Password is the Encryption password set while creating the node secret

NOTE: When the agent_nsload command runs successfully you will see the following.
Loading Node Secret...
The node secret is successfully loaded

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