000027532 - How do I import tokens into Authentication Manager 7.1

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Article Number000027532
Applies ToAuthentication Manager 7.1
Import Tokens
IssueHow do I import tokens into Authentication Manager 7.1
I have received token records on a CD or encrypted download file, what is the next step?
What do I do with .XML Token file I have on CD or downloaded? 

If you received tokens on CD or via encrypted download, you need to register your tokens. 
See the support page "End-User Registration & License Activation" to register your tokens go here:  https://www.rsa.com/go/end_user_ssl.asp

Before you can assign tokens to users, you must import the tokens to RSA Authentication Manager.

The following Section is available within the ONLINE HELP under Home > About Console > All Help Topics Search help: import token

To import RSA SecurID tokens:

Click Authentication > SecurID Tokens > Import Tokens Job > Add New.
Enter a name for the import job. The job is saved with this name so that you can go back and review the details of the job later. The name must be from 1 to 128 characters. The characters & % > < are not allowed.
From the Security Domain drop-down menu, select the security domain into which you want to import the tokens. The tokens are managed by administrators whose scope includes the security domain you select.
Browse to select the token files you want to import.
Use the Import Options buttons to specify how you want to handle duplicate tokens.

If you choose to ignore duplicate tokens, all tokens except for duplicates are imported.

If you choose to overwrite all duplicate tokens, duplicate tokens are overwritten during the import process, except in the following situations:
Tokens assigned to administrators are ignored and not overwritten.
Tokens previously imported to another realm in the deployment are ignored and not overwritten.
Tokens that the current administrator does not have permission to view, for example, if they are outside his or her administrative scope, are ignored and not overwritten.
Tokens that have been replaced or that have replaced another token are ignored and not overwritten.
Note: Assigned tokens are unassigned and overwritten, except for tokens assigned to administrators.

Click Submit Job.

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