000026768 - Understanding RSA Security Analytics Reporting Engine Logs

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Article Number000026768
Applies ToRSA Security Analytics
RSA Security Analytics Reporting Engine
IssueUnderstanding RSA Security Analytics Reporting Engine Logs
How do I interpret the SA Reporting Engine logs?
How do you read the RE logs in Security Analytics?

Starting Reporting Engine

start rsasoc_re


Reporting Engine - Service start in Log


2014-02-20 03:24:24,860 [main] INFO  com.rsa.netwitness.carlos.server.context.CarlosContextListener - Home directory located at  /home/rsasoc/rsa/soc/reporting-engine

2014-02-20 03:24:24,967 [main] INFO  com.rsa.netwitness.carlos.server.context.CarlosContextListener - Carlos Database directory located at  null

2014-02-20 03:25:06,329 [main] INFO  com.rsa.soc.re.contentstore.jcr.JCRContentStore - Init repository starting


Reporting Engine - Service startup complete


2014-02-20 03:27:37,240 [main] INFO  com.rsa.soc.re.server.startup.DeployWar - @@@ Application startup completed in  204  seconds


Stopping Reporting Engine

stop rsasoc_re


Reporting Engine - Service stop in Logs


Feb 20 03:11:44 sydSA init: rsasoc_re main process (28211) terminated with status 255



2014-02-20 03:23:45,024 [ContentStore ShutdownHook] WARN  com.rsa.soc.re.contentstore.jcr.jackrabbit.ShutdownJackRabbit - Shuttingdown Jackrabbit repository

2014-02-20 03:23:45,134 [StatusDB ShutdownHook] WARN  com.rsa.soc.re.status.manager.ShutdownStatusManager - Closing all connections to status db

2014-02-20 03:23:45,137 [StatusDB ShutdownHook] WARN  com.rsa.soc.re.status.manager.ShutdownStatusManager - All connections to status db closed

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