000026983 - Where is the Virtual RSA Security Analytics AIO or Hybrid OVA file?

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Article Number000026983
Applies ToRSA Security Analytics
RSA Security Analytics Hybrid
RSA Security Analytics All-in-One
IssueWhere is the Virtual RSA Security Analytics AIO or Hybrid OVA file?
Where can I download the Virtual Appliance Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) package for the Security Analytics (SA) All-In-One (AIO) or Hybrid?

If you are licensed for the software then you should be able to download the .ova files for a VMware appliance from the RSA Download Central website, https://download.rsasecurity.com/, using your RSA SCOL login and the serial number of a product registered for your site.  See the Product List which should show links to the All-in-One .ova files. You should be able to find the .ova downloads for the Broker, Concentrator, LogDecoder, and Security Analytics Server.

On the RSA Download Central website you won't find a single .ova file for an All-in-One.  Instead, you will find the separate .ova downloads for the Broker, Concentrator, Log Decoder, SA Server.  This is because there is no single .ova file available for a RSA Security Analytics All-in-One virtual machine.

For additional information, refer to the Security Analytics online documentation entitled Virtual Appliance Overview.  It mentions that the SA Hybrid and AIO comprise multiple OVFs, and also provides details on the minimum requirements for each VM.


This article is relevant to customers who have purchased the software Security Analytics All-in-One appliance, as classified below.

All-in-One for Logs S/W 2 Users, 2TB NFR
All-in-One for Pkts S/W 2 Users, 2TB NFR


It also applies to those who have purchased the software equivalent for the Security Analytics hybrid appliance, as classified below.

SecAnlytics Hybrid4Logs w/5TB S/W
SecAnlytics Hybrid4Pkts w/5TB S/W

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