000033142 - Data Import Wizard missing Cross-Reference field in the Application Fields list for RSA Archer

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Article Number000033142
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: Any
IssueIn trying to perform a Data Import and map the fields from the source to the target application, there is a Cross-Reference field not listed in the Application Fields drop-down.
ResolutionAn Application Tracking ID cannot be used for mapping a cross -reference field
If the key field for the related applications is a Tracking ID field that is configured as an Application ID, it will not be listed in the application fields and cannot be used for mapping.
In the RSA Archer GRC online documentation, see the article Unique Identifiers. This article lists the field types that can be used to uniquely identify a record.  In regard to Tracking ID fields, it states:
Tracking ID ("System ID" only) - You can only use the Tracking ID field as a key field if it is configured as System ID. If configured as Application ID, it is not available for use as a key field.
Solution:  If a Tracking ID field is used to map a cross-reference in a data feed, it must be a System ID.