000027734 - Important information when opening an RSA Security Analytics Support case

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Article Number000027734
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Security Analytics, NetWitness NextGen, ECAT

RSA Version/Condition: All versions

Please consider providing the following information when opening an RSA Security Analytics Support case.
This information will help an engineer more effectively gather important information and provide assistance to your case. 

TasksQuestion:  What information should I provide when opening a support request for Security Analytics or NetWitness NextGen support?
Answer:  Consider providing the following information when opening a support request case when contacting RSA Support for Security Analytics or NetWitness NextGen products.  This information will help RSA review your request, assign the most appropriate resources and respond more effectively and quickly. 

What to Include in Your CaseWhy it Helps Support
Confirm your name, office and mobile phone and email address.  Confirm whether you have access to access email and the web including SCOL and Case Management, especially if you are working in a computer room or data center. Make sure we can contact you and provide you the information you need.  This is important if you are not at your desk and we need to provide KB articles, scripts, or other files you may need to resolve your case.
Confirm the Serial Number of your appliance. Your serial number helps us to identify the make, model and configuration of your appliance.  This helps support identify known issues before we contact you. 
Confirm the type of appliance and how many of each you need help with today.   This helps us know how many appliances and what kind of appliances we are dealing with 
Confirm the type of storage, if any, you have and provide a serial number for the DAC or storage array.This helps support know what kind of storage you have.  If your appliance is connected to a VNX or other storage array, we can engage the right support resources earlier in the process.
Provide a concise but meaningful statement of why you are contacting RSA Support today.   Please provide a meaningful description of the problem.  The more information you provide about the issue you are facing, the quicker we can engage with a meaningful response. 
   An example of a more helpful description would be , "I was upgrading a Decoder from version x to version y and the Decoder will no longer capture data."
Confirm the RSA Product Set, RSA Product/Service Type, Platform, OS Version, and RSA Version.This will help us know where to steer the case for initial contact. 
Confirm the environment.  Is this production, test/pre-production, implementation, upgrade or Proof of Concept. This will help determine priority for the call.  Production is normally considered most important. 
Confirm whether a Sales Engineer, Professional Services Engineer Incident Response team member, or EMC SAN engineer, Software Development engineer, or other RSA/EMC staff are on-site or already working with you.  If so, please provide their names in the ticket. If RSA or EMC has people on-site it will help to know who they are so we can contact them to get additional information and background and avoid duplication of effort.
Confirm whether your system is down or not and determine severity level.Is the system down?  Down systems get priority.  Let us know how urgent they consider this request.
Confirm whether there is an on-going incident or other investigation in progress. Did something bad happen that we might want to know to prioritize properly?
If possible, run the latest version of the nwtech.sh, nwraidutil.pl and sa_diag.sh scripts and upload to the case notes or RSA sftp site as soon as possible.Gather and submit these items as soon as possible.  These two tools are the best information gathering tools we have when evaluating your problem. 
   It will help to confirm the other information gathered above and we can review this before we call the customer and have a plan of action ready, thus saving time on that initial call.
Note your case and refer to it when you contact support. The case number helps us find and centralize any notes on your case when you call again. 
Do you have other support cases open?  Are these cases possibly related?  If so, note the numbers and the names of other engineers working with you on those cases. In many instances, we may assign the same engineer to your new case.  This can help maintain continuity with your cases. 
Is there anything else you can think of that will help us respond more effectively?Is there anything we haven't asked that you think can help us to help you more effectively?

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