000030242 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Web Services Description Language (WSDL)

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Article Number000030242
Applies To
RSA Product SetSecurID
RSA Product/Service TypeRSA Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition8.1 SP1
PlatformSUSE Enterprise Linux
Platform (Other) 
O/S Version11 SP3
Product Name 
Product DescriptionSecurID Appliance
IssueHaving a problem with the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Web Services Description Language (WSDL).
TasksWeb Services Description Language (WSDL) test
Enter URL https://{fully-qualified-hostname}:7002/ims-ws/services/CommandServer?wsdl into a supported web browser, where the {fully-qualified-hostname} is replaced with the primary instance fully-qualified-hostname? Do you get prompted to perform an authentication with a username and password in a pop-up Window.
Example; after clicking continue to this website:
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The username and password can be found at the command line of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 instance.
1.Logon to the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 operating system with the rsaadmin account where you are connecting to WSDL
2.Navigate to the /opt/rsa/am/utils folder as rasadmin
3.Use the following commands to get the Username and Password required
      ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.cmdclient.user
      rsaadmin@am81p:/opt/rsa/am/utils> ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.cmdclient.user
      Please enter OC Administrator username: ocadmin
      Please enter OC Administrator password: ***********
      com.rsa.cmdclient.user: CmdClient_cfphotje
      ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.cmdclient.user.password
      rsaadmin@am81p:/opt/rsa/am/utils> ./rsautil manage-secrets -a get com.rsa.cmdclient.user.password
      Please enter OC Administrator username: ocadmin
      Please enter OC Administrator password: ***********
      com.rsa.cmdclient.user.password: VBZ1Px3NmRwttWWpz2KZeyV6NnlVVW


After entering the username and password the authentication manager instance will return an XML file.
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Command Client User Name and Password
The Command Client User Name and Password cannot be changed as it would cause serious issues in the operation of the authentication manager.
Here is a snippet taken from the Developer’s Guide - Getting Started section with regards to the Command Client User Name:
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Where the correct Command API Client User ID but a bad password is provided to WSDL an ‘error 401—Unauthorized’ is returned whereas authentication looping is definitely incorrect logon credentials being provided.
NOTE: Before contacting RSA Customer Support on one of the numbers listed at URL http://www.emc.com/support/rsa/contact/phone-numbers.htm try a reboot of the operating system hosting the authentication manager and re-run the WSDL test. Should you still have problems then contact RSA Customer Support for further assistance.
NotesThe RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 SDK and Developer’s Guide are found in the rsa-am-extras- file (found with a redirect in RSA SecurCare Online to Download Central with a registered RSA Authentication Manager and subject to entitlements. Contact a representative of the RSA Customer Relations Desk if you are having problems accessing RSA SecurCare Online or downloading RSA software).
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