000031639 - How to troubleshoot RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA)

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Article Number000031639
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA)
RSA Version/Condition: 1.5.0
Customer is experiencing a technical problem using RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) with RSA Authentication Manager 8.1.
ResolutionThis article addresses questions you will likely be asked by RSA Customer Support in order to determine why you cannot use or are having a problem using Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) with RSA Authentication Manager 8.1.

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Questions likely to be asked by RSA Customer Support
  1. How did you install Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility?
Page 8 of the RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) User Guide provides the procedure for installing the AMBulkAdmin.jar file onto the SecurID Appliance hosting RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 software.

  1. What file permissions, file and group ownership properties are set for Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility?
It is expected that the /opt/rsa/am/utils/lib/AMBulkAdmin.jar file have 600 file permissions (-rw-------) where the file and group are listed as rsaadmin.

-rw------- 1 rsaadmin rsaadmin 258371 May 13  2015 AMBulkAdmin.jar

  1. Are the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 services running?
The Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility requires the authentication manager services running. To check them use these steps:
a. Logon to the SecurID Appliance with the
rsaadmin account (either at the local console or using an SSH client, where SSH has been enabled)
b. Enter the command
/opt/rsa/am/server/rsaserv status all  (all authentication manager services are expected to be RUNNING) 

  1. Are you using the correct credentials with Authentication Manager Bulk Administration?
An administrative account for the Security Console with a superadmin role is required by the Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility. Operating Instructions are provided on page 8 of the RSA Authentication Manager Bulk Administration (AMBA) User Guide.

  1. How is Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility being used?
There are a number of command line options for Authentication Manager Bulk Administration and RSA Customer Support would need to know which is being used.

  1. What log data was generated by the Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility?
The -o parameter allows the Authentication Manager Bulk Administration utility to write a log file on the actions that it has been asked to perform; so where this parameter is used what does the log file reveal? Other log files that will be useful to review would be AMBulkAdminReject.dat and AMBulkAdminUnsupportedOptions.txt.

  1. Still stuck?
Having answered the above six questions and there is still an issue that needs further investigation then please contact RSA Customer Support and at least have the information ready from questions 5 & 6.
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