000027858 - How to use curl to test web services and other ports on an RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle appliance

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Article Number000027858
Applies ToRSA Product Set:  RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle (RSA G&L)
RSA Product/Service Type: Appliance
RSA Version/Condition:  6.9, 7.0


IssueThis article briefly shows how to use the Linux curl command to test a specific port.  This is necessary to confirm when RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle WebServices are being implemented.
  1. From page 33 of the RSA Identity Management & Governance 6.9 Installation Guide:
[JBoss server] requires the following ports to be available for use:

  • 8080: RSA IMG application server HTTP port
  • 8443: HTTPS port for web browsers and web services
  • 8444: HTTPS port for agents and the AFX server
  • 8445: HTTP port for the RSA IMG application workflow compiler (internal use only)
You must configure port 8445 to ensure that the workflow compiler functions correctly, but you do not need to open the port on any firewalls.

Assume, for the following examples, that the appliance hostname is myhost.mydomain.com.   If the curl command is run on the same host as the application, then localhost or can be used.

  1. All of the following curl commands should work, but you will get different responses based up how your specific environment is configured in reference to page 33 of the the RSA Identity Management & Governance 6.9 Installation Guide.
This curl command simply confirms the port is available using localhost:

curl -v http://localhost:8080
curl -v https://localhost:8443
curl -v https://localhost:8444
curl -v http://localhost:8445

Alternatively you can use the FQDN:

curl -v http://myhost.mydomain.com:8080
curl -v https://myhost.mydomain.com:8443
curl -v https://myhost.mydomain.com:8444
curl -v http://myhost.mydomain.com:8445

The command examples below makes use of an actual WebService option which returns information about that application version:

curl "https://localhost:8443/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=about" -X POST -k
curl "" -X POST080
curl "https://myhost.mydomain.com:8443/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=about" -X POST -k
  • Refer to the available WebServices options as seen from the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application UI from the Admin drop down menu, when logged in as an admin user.
  • Application version 6.8.x used and referenced port 8445 as the WebServices port.  Going forward, this was changed in Version 6.9.  Port 8445 is used for Workflows, and Port 8443 is now used for WebServices.  This allows https availability for WebService access.