000030265 - Questions on how to use ISO OS image to rebuild OS on RSA Identity Management and Governance (IMG) hardware appliance

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Article Number000030265
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Product/Service Type/Platform: Hardware Appliance
RSA OS:  RedHat, SuSE

IssueCustomers sometimes need to rebuild an appliance, either to update the existing operating system, change the operating system or recover from a hardware failure.  An OS ISO image is available for hardware appliance customers to do this.
Existing IMG documentation does not go into specific details on how to use this ISO image. 
WARNING:  The IMG operating system ISO DVD image file is intended only for appliance customers and cannot be used to setup or build a VM.

WARNING:  The steps outlined in this document are only to be used in the event that an RSA appliance is rebuilt using the released OS ISO image for an RSA appliance.  This document outlines a process based on the fact that the IMG application is not installed.  If the IMG application is installed, then all network changes should be made by following the documented steps found in the RSA Identity Management and Governance Installation Guide V6.9.  Failure to do so can result in the IMG application not starting, which then requires a complete IMG uninstall and reinstall.

WARNING:  Booting from this ISO OS DVD results in a total reformat/overwrite of the existing system.  Console access either through the Dell iDRAC connection or a direct connection to the physical appliance will be needed to complete the configuration.

The attached document provides  specific details and guidance on on how use the RSA Appliance OS ISO image, when necessary.

Please read through the entire attached document before proceeding.   This document is intended to provide additional details regarding the use of the OS ISO image as noted in the RSA Identity Management and Governance Installation Guide V6.9.  Basic instructions for creating a bootable DVD from our ISO are found in Chapter 3 (RSA Appliance Operating System Installation).  This section of the installation guide instructs you to burn the OS ISO image to a DVD, but does not provide guidance on what should be done before the DVD is booted, what happens at boot time and what needs to be done after boot.  This document attempts to cover those actions.  Contact RSA support if there are any questions.

Basic Steps

There are six basic steps for using an IMG ISO OS DVD.  These are listed in detail below:
  1. Obtain required system information.
  2. Confirm appliance console access.
  3. Backup site-specific information off appliance, when necessary.
  4. Boot the ISO OS DVD.
  5. Confirm successful rebuild.
  6. Reconfigure network.
  7. Download and install IMG application.
NotesAttached to this article are documents which provide instruction on how to manually reconfigure the network BEFORE the application is installed.  Please be sure to use the correct one for the OS installed on the system.