000028137 - How to determine RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle product version information

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Article Number000028137
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle, Via Lifecycle & Governance, Identity Management & Governance (IMG), Aveksa ACM
RSA Version/Condition: All Versions
IssueWhere can the RSA Identity Governance & LIfecycle application version information be found?

There are many places where the current application version can be found.

From the Application

Prior to V6.9, when the Aveksa logo (or the rebranded logo)  is 'clicked' on, from any ACM UI screen (except for the initial login page), Aveksa version information is displayed. This version information is retreived from the Oracle database. This information is also written to various log files and in a webserver properties file for cross checking (to ensure that the installed product is the same version as the installed database)
Starting with IMG 6.9, the application version is now displayed on the bottom line of the UI screen.

Outside of the Application

There are several places where the product version can be found. These include:

  1. Internally in the Oracle database, in the T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS table
  2. Text information found in /home/oracle/database/aveksa-properties.file, on an appliance or soft-appliance installation
  3. In a webserver version properties file.
  4. In the Aveksa ASR
  5. The aveksaServerInfo.log file:
    1. In more recent versions (6.x) this can be found in the file aveksaServerInfo.log, which can be found at: 


  1. In Version 7.0, for a standalone Wildfly installation, this can be found at:



  1. In Version 7.0, for a clustered Wildfly installation, this can be found at:


where <server-name> is the application server name on that node in the cluster.

  1. In more recent versions, patch information  is stored in the file, patch-version.properties, which can be found at:


There are two components of this information, one is the Product Version and one is the Build. If a HotFix is installed, that HotFix version will be noted, although not in all log files.

If for some reason the UI is not accessible, it may still be necessary to determine or confirm the installed version. Sometimes it's necessary to confirm that the installed version (ie the information stored in the webserver properties file) matches the database settings. (If these do not match, it could indicate that a database migration is necessary: refer to KB-1242 - Migration Required / No Authentication Source Error )



To see the version information directly from the database, run the following sqlplus query, as avuser:
(note, that this query applies to versions prior to 6.8.1, as RSA no longer releases 'hotfixes'. instead Service Packs (Patches) are referenced., 

$ sqlplus avuser/<password>
sql> col parameter format a20
sql> col value format a20
sql> select parameter, value from t_system_settings where parameter in ('productVersion', 'Build', 'HotFixes') order by parameter desc;
sql> exit

Note that if no HotFix value is returned, then no HotFixes have been installed yet.



ACM Product Version and Build information is stored in various locations, depending on the ACM version and Server type. Note that this file does NOT include any hotfix information.

For 3.x, Tomcat Server, the Product and Build information:


For 4.0, 4.0.1, Jboss Server, the Product and Build information is stored in two places:




For 4.1+, V5.x+ and V6.x+ Jboss Server, the Product and Build information is stored in two places:




For V5.x and V6.x versions, there is also a new file,aveksaServerInfo.log, which can be found at:

/home/oracle/jboss/server/default/deploy/aveksa.ear/aveksa.war/log, which contains version as well as other startup parameters.

For V6.8.1+, V6.9.x+, There is a file, patch-version.properties file, which contains the current Service Pack version, It can be found at:
For WebSphere and WebLogic V4.2+ the Product and Build information is stored in:

<your site specific installation directories../../..>/aveksa.ear/aveksa.war/WEB-INF/classes/aveksa-version.properties


For V5.x+, and V6.x+, the Product and Build information is stored in in the same locations as noted for 4.2+.


For the older Aveksa Hotfix information, hotfix on any platform, the first line of aveksa.ear/aveksa.war/WEB-INF/database/run-once-avuser.sql will indicate the HF_ID value. E.g.: HF_ID=HF02.


Current Version/Build values

Version Build 

7.0     93958
7.0.1   116052
7.0.2   126845


Version Build      Version Build
6.8   (Not GA)  6.9     74968
6.8.1   66089   6.9.1   83768


Version Build    Version Build    

6.0     46406    6.5     55950(not GA) 
6.0.1   48457    6.5.1   58856 
6.0.2   51498    6.5.2   62212

Version Build    Version Build     Version Build 
5.0     34610    5.1     36028   5.5     39405
5.0.1   35015    5.1.1   37159   5.5.1   41141
5.0.2   38736    5.1.2   38125   5.5.2   42218
5.0.3   42519    5.1.3   39113   5.5.3   43318
5.1.4   40028    5.5.4   44735
5.1.5   40866    5.5.5   46478
5.1.6   42781    5.5.6   47940
5.1.7   45640    5.5.7   49679
5.1.8   48686    5.5.8   55372


Version Build    Version Build     Version Build 
4.0     24360    4.1     26745   4.2     30695
4.0.1   25252    4.1.1   28115   4.2.1   31413
                 4.1.2   29397   4.2.2   32030
                 4.1.3   29819   4.2.3   32748
                 4.1.4   30637   4.2.4   33350
                                 4.2.5   33761
                                 4.2.6   34311
                                 4.2.7   35057
                                 4.2.8   36593
                                 4.2.9   37693
                                 4.2.10  39598
                                 4.2.11  41462



Version Build 
3.6.1   18487

3.6.2   19815

3.6.3   20858

3.6.4   24756

3.6.5   26336

NotesThe evolution of the product name is explained in the FAQ for finding information about the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application .