000031214 - CPU Throttling on IIS web server with SecurID agent for Web v. 7.1.3 to prevent 100% CPU spike from pipeserver.exe

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Article Number000031214
Applies ToRSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Agent for Web
RSA Version/Condition: 7.1 for IIS
Platform: Windows
Platform (Other): Windows 2012 IIS 8.0
O/S Version: Customer doesn't know/not sure-see notes
Product Name: RSA-0010810
Product Description: RSA-0010810
IssueIIS web agent version 7.1.3[174] is consuming 90% CPU and Memory
C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSAWebAgent\PipeServer.exe
This happens under some type of load on the IIS Web Server protected by the RSA agent, either with a load running stress test or with the SharePoint Web Crawler.
Server performance is heavily impacted by this and SharePoint sites are unavailable due to Application Pool stops
app pools stopping
Tasks1. Configure the Application Pool for your [SharePoint] Web Site to limit CPU utilization (CPU Throttling)
2. iisreset
ResolutionConfigure the Application Pool for your [SharePoint] Web Site to limit CPU utilization (CPU Throttling)
Follow Microsoft TechNet video for reference, but basically just
Goto Application Pools in IIS, find site App Pool – Advanced Settings
IIS CPU Throttling
Set CPU limit in 1/1000s %, e.g. 30000 = 30% of CPUs, then under Limit Action use Drop Down to change from No Action to KillW3wp
Do an iisreset after this
NotesCPU 90% Memory hog
IIS web agent 7.1.3[174] 100% CPU - pipeserver.exe
IIS CPU Throttling to prevent PipeServer.exe CPU spike 100%
See also configuration of RSAResponseInterceptorModule and registry setting for PreventInterceptorModuleManagement for SharePoint sites