000031172 - Enable verbose logging for Operations Console backups for RSA Authentication Manager 8.x

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Article Number000031172
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RSA Product Set: SecurID
RSA Product/Service Type: Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition: 8.x

IssueThis article explains how to enable verbose logging for troubleshooting tasks done through the Operations Console.  It also provides steps on enabling verbose logs for troubleshooting problems when doing database backups.

Take a VMware snapshot or a backup before continuing.

Perform the following tasks and capture the logs for analysis.


  1. SSH to the primary server
  2. Take the backup of the oc_cmd.sh using the following command:

cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/bin/appliance/oc_cmd.sh /home/rsaadmin/oc_cmd.sh.bkp

  1. Edit the oc_cmd.sh file and add the line echo "$@" >>/home/rsaadmin/oc_cmd_parameters.out above CMD="$1", as shown:

echo "$@" >>/home/rsaadmin/oc_cmd_parameters.out

  1. Back up the log4j.xml and ops-log4j.xml files:

cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/log4j.xml /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/log4j.xml.bkp
cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/ops-log4j.xml /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/ops-log4j.xml.bkp

  1. Use vi on each of the files above and enter the following command in each file:

vi /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/log4j.xml
vi /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/ops-log4j.xml

  1. Restart the Authentication Manager services for the changes to take effect:

/opt/rsa/am/server/rsaserv restart all

  1. Perform a backup from the Operations Console. Note the timestamp and capture the troubleshooting logs for analysis. The backup verbose log should be created in /home/rsaadmin/oc_cmd_parameters.out.
  2. Revert to the old configuration files and restart the Authentication Manager services:

cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/bin/appliance/oc_cmd.sh.bkp /home/rsaadmin/oc_cmd.sh
cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/log4j.xml.bkp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/log4j.xml
cp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/ops-log4j.xml.bkp /opt/rsa/am/utils/resources/ops-log4j.xml
/opt/rsa/am/server/rsaserv restart all