000030524 - The tblIVSelectContent Table is growing large in size in RSA Archer

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Article Number000030524
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: tblVSelectContent Table
IssueOver time the tblIVSelectContent table will grow large in size. The massive size of this table may cause substantial delay in daily DB re-indexing which ultimately leads to DB connection issues while Archer is running.
The tblIVSelectContent tab basically has information on field_id > Content_id > Select_value_id.
ResolutionRun the below queries against Archer Instance DB to find the module and field that has the maximum entries in tblIVSelectContent
select SC.field_id, FD.field_name, COUNT(*) as count1 from tblIVSelectContent SC join tblIVFieldDef FD ON FD.field_id = SC.field_id 
group by SC.field_id, FD.field_name
order by count1 desc
select x.module_name from tblmodule x join tbllevel y on
x.module_id = y.module_id join
tblivfielddef z on z.level_id = y.level_id
where z.field_id = enter field id here

The module might be a Test Module into which a lot of test data might have been dumped. Take appropriate action such as deleting unwanted records or the entire module.