000029835 - How do I allow for collectors to automatically run more than once per day in RSA IMG

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Article Number000029835
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
IssueThe current Identity Management and Governance (IMG) scheduler does not allow for a schedule definition with a frequency less than 24 hours and thus it is not possible to run collections more than once per day.   Through the usage of WebServices and linux commands curl and cron one can overcome this limitation
1. Enable IMG Web Services via menu Admin / Web Services 
                  Web Services Config

2.  On a linux host one would normally expect to find the linux application of 'curl' and it is typically installed at /usr/bin/.  Curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using one of many supported protocols including HTTP and HTTPS
To run a collection via curl and with a WebService one can run

curl -d "cmd=<webService name>&name=<collector Name>" http://<IMG Server name>:8445/aveksa/command.submit &

replacing <webService name> with one of the following values
See Admin / Web Services for a complete description of the above referenced Web Service commands.
replacing <collector Name> with the name of the collector, for example 'Active Directory'
replacing <IMG Server name> with the name of the IMG server, for example img-dev

For example 
curl -d "cmd=collectIdentities&name=Active Directory" http://img-dev:8445/aveksa/command.submit &
would initiate an Identity Collector for the source 'Active Directory' on the IMG installation at img-dev.   The inclusion of the & will indicate that curl should be run in the background.   Once invoked the collection will appear in the IMG user interface in the same manner had it been scheduled via the user interface.
3. On a linux host one can then set up a cron job to define the schedule for how frequenty the above command will be run.    To add/edit an entry to cron one can run
     crontab -e
As cron/crontab is a native feature of linux there are numerous web resources which will provide more details on configuring.