000030855 - RSA Authentication Manager 8.1: Example of Replica Promotion for Disaster Recovery

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Article Number000030855
Applies To
RSA Product SetSecurID
RSA Product/Service TypeRSA Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition8.1 SP1
PlatformSUSE Enterprise Linux
Platform (Other) 
O/S Version11 SP3
Product NameRSA-0010010
Product DescriptionSecurID Appliance

IssuePrimary instance in an authentication manager 8.1 deployment is in a down state and/or is inaccessible for whatever reason. 
ResolutionChapter 15: System Maintenance and Disaster Recovery of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Administrator's Guide (Revision 1) provides detailed information on Replica Instance Promotion for Disaster Recovery and can be found on the RSA SecurCare Online web portal at URL https://knowledge.rsasecurity.com/docs/rsa_securid/rsa_auth_mgr/81sp1/am_administrators_guide.pdf.
This RSA knowledge article provides a simple example of promoting a replica instance to become the new primary instance in an authentication manager 8.1 deployment.

  • One primary (am81p.vcloud.local)
  • Two replicas (am81r.vcloud.private & am81r2.vcloud.private)
  • Primary instance is in a down state and/or inaccessible to the replica instances
Steps taken:
1.Logon to the Operations Console of the replica instance to be nominated to be the new primary instance
2.Operations Console > Deployment Configuration > Replica Promotion > For Disaster Recovery (page 392 of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Administrator’s Guide Revision 1)
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3.Promote Replica Confirmation; select ‘Yes, promote the replica’ and click Promote button
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4.Promote Replica to Primary ..monitoring the tasks..
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    User-added image
   Click the Next button after the replica has been successfully promoted.

5.Carefully read the Proposed Next Steps..
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   ..click Done button when finished reading.

6.Check the newly prompted primary.
Operations Console will show the Instance Type User-added image

7.Perform a backup from the Operations Console
   Operations Console > Maintenance > Backup and Restore > Back Up Now

  • Enter a Backup Password and Confirm the password
  • Select a backup location
  • Click Backup button to perform the backup
    User-added image
   Example; a backup in progress..
   User-added image
   User-added image
   Click the Done button when the Backup Is finished.

8.Synchronize each replica instance with the primary instance (page 376 of the RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Administrator’s Guide Revision 1).
   Operations Console > Deployment Configuration > Instances > Status Report
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   ..click the action Sync..
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   User-added image
   Click the Done button
   The newly promoted primary instance is now showing the replication to the replica instance as Normal
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9.Use the Security Console to check the RADIUS replication
   Security Console > RADIUS > RADIUS Servers

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   NOTE: the administrator will need to click the Initiate Replication button if any of the RADIUS instances are Out-of-Sync.

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