000030834 - What is the rsaimg_updater binary we see with RSA Via L&G patch files?

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Article Number000030834
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Product/Service Type: Appliance
RSA Version/Condition: 6.8.1, 6.9,  6.9.1
Platform: JBoss
IssueThere is a new file available in the service patch download folders, named rsaimg_updater. 
What is this file? 
Does it update the RSA Via L&G application?
What platform should it be used on?

What is this file?  
The rsaimg_updater is intended as a means to provide recent OS and Oracle patches to appliances, for those systems where either Oracle  or the OS+Oracle are supplied by RSA.
The updater was a new addition to V6.9.  It is also available with V6.9.1, and it was then added to V6.8.1 (starting with 6.8.1 P09).

What platform should it be used on?
For hardware appliances, it allows customers to update their OS and Oracle Instance.  It provides OS patches as well as Oracle CVU's, which are available at the time of the patch release.  It can be used for both the SuSE and RedHat Operating Systems.
For software appliances, it only allows updates for the Oracle instance, when the Oracle database is local.  If the database is remote, then the updater should not be used at all, because in this scenario neither the OS nor Oracle are supplied by RSA.

Does it update the RSA Via L&G application?
Note that this file does NOT update the RSA Via L&G application itself.  The application itself is 'updated' by downloading service pack patch updates and executing the patch.sh file which comes with each patch file. 

The updater can be installed as a service, which automates the update process for each time a new patch version is downloaded.  It can also be run as a manual process.
Please refer to the documentation, RSA_IMG_Appliance_Updater_Guide.pdf for complete details.

Notes - Initially, only SuSE (SLES) OS updates were available, however the more recent patch updates for both 6.9.1 (P03+). and 6.8.1 (P16+) now include updates for RedHat Linux.  This is for those existing hardware appliances which are still using RedHat.
 - The more recent versions of the RedHat rsaimg_updater file updates the hardware appliance OS version of Redhat from 5u8 to 5u11.
 - There is a known issue with V6.9.1 P03+, where the RSA Via L&G application scripts, uninstall.sh and install.sh,  fails after running rsaimg_updater, when the OS is upgraded to 5.11.  This issue has a workaround.  See KB-31187 Problems with uninstall.sh and install.sh after applying rsaimg_updater P03 or higher for RSA Via L&G 6.9.1 on hardware appliance running RedHat OS for details