000029829 - How to minimally test IMG WebService commands in RSA IMG

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Article Number000029829
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
IssueIdentity Management and Governance (IMG) provide a WebService API and as described at menu Admin / WebServices.  
This article will describe a method to minimally test with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.
Resolution1. Enable WebService functionality from within Identity Management and Governance (IMG) via menu Admin / WebServices.  
              WebService Config
From the above
    click the On radio button for field 'Web Services Interface:'
    define any IP addresses which you wish to restrict WebServices requests in the field enabled 'IPs allowed to sent/invoke web services:'
    for the purpose of this article it is not necessary to define the 'Import Directory:'

For Google Chrome install the Application from the Chrome Webstore named Advanced Rest Client
For Mozilla Firefox install the Firefox Add-on name named RestClient 
Both will allow for a Rest Client to be run from a browser and both are similar in functionality.  
For example, from within Google Chrome, in the URL field if one enters 'chrome://extensions/', this will return all Chrome Extensions of which you should see an entry named 'Advanced Rest Client', as evidence:
          Chrome Extensions
Clicking the Options link below the 'Advanced REST Client' will open the application which should appear similar to

         Rest Client UI
If your display is not similar to the above you may need to click on the first menu choice entitled 'Request' on the left hand.
From here one can submit a WebService Request to the IMG API and see the return response.   
The fields you will need to define are as follows (listed in top down order):
  URL:    This should be the URL for the Identity Management and Governance URL for example, if your current Identity Management and Governance application is reachable at https://img-dev/aveksa/main then the URL would be defined as https://img-dev/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=<WebService command name>
replacing <WebService command name> with its actual value, for example findApplications
Define the appropriate radio button for whether the request is a GET or POST method.   The online documentation in IMG at menu choice Admin / WebServices and clicking the down arrow chevron Down Arrow Chevron will display the help text of the command which will also include whether the command is a POST command.  If not stated then the default is a GET command
If the command is a POST command the XML to pass will need to be defined in the 2nd text box below the radio buttons and the Content-type will need to be defined as Application/XML from the drop down, for example
   WebService Post Example

Below is an example of a completed WebService request for 'findApplications' and parameters of name=Bugzilla and returnColumns=short_desc
         User-added image
From the above the Status Code of 200 indicates a successful submission.  Typically when a request is improperly submitted the Status will be in the 4xx range.  
The bottom text box display the output of the command of which we see the return value for findApplications?name=Bugzilla&returnColumns=short_desc is short_desc=Tooltip for Bugzilla