000031313 - Maximum Character Limit Exceeded in a Text Area field in RSA Archer

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Article Number000031313
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Product/Service Type: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x, 6.x
Platform: Windows
Issue Getting character limit error when the limit has not yet been reached per the configuration setup for Text Area fields.
ResolutionIn Archer, a Text Area is an HTML encoded field. That means the actual HTML tags are stored in the field and will be counted as characters. A consequence of this is a text area may not be configured to have enough characters to contain the actual data.

For example, a Text Area configured for a maximum of 150 characters has an actual maximum of 143 characters when no formatting is applied to the text (i.e. Bold, Italic…). The text typed into the field has HTML paragraph tags (<p></p>) applied automatically to the text. When the count of the text characters and the embedded HTML tags exceeds the set maximum, a warning box is shown.

The following 143 typed characters are stored as:

If you were to separate your data into two lines by pressing [enter] somewhere in the middle, the Text Area would be *two* paragraphs, reducing your data limit 7 more characters:

Archer help addresses this situation. Here is the solution from help:

The GRC Platform counts the HTML formatting tags embedded in the text as characters.
This may result in a warning message that the text entered in the field exceeds the maximum number of characters.
As a result, set the Maximum Characters field to a value higher than the number of characters that you expect to be entered in the field.

Please note that how much extra you should pad the field is not addressed. It depends on the information being placed into the box. One line at minimum uses 7 characters. A name and address field would need 21 or 28 extra characters (3 or 4 carriage returns requires the same number of open and close paragraph tags.)

The discrepancy in character length is inherent in the field itself. The developer of an application using text area fields with a maximum number of characters set on the field will need to make a reasonable buffer for the HTML tags that may be stored with the data itself. If the end user makes some text bold or other aesthetic changes using the formatting toolbar, more HTML tags will be placed into the field when it is saved.