000030967 - Configure a data feed to trigger notifications

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Article Number000030967
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
IssueI’ve configured a Notification DDE to fire Daily. There are two records that met the rule criteria. However, the notification has never fired. Notifications are turned on and other notifications are fired as configured.
ResolutionA notification scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly is called a digest notification, becase it contains a list of records matching the specified filter criteria.
However, a record will not be included in a digest notification unless it has been added or updated since the last time the notification was processed.
You can configure a data feed to update records periodically so that they will be included in a digest notification.

  1.   Add a numeric field to the application.  Call it "Counter".  It can be left off-layout.

  2.   Create a report that includes just the application key field or tracking ID and "Counter".

  3.   Create a data feed that runs this report.

  4.   On the General tab, select the option "Send Notifications".

  5.   On the Source Definition > Source Data tab, click Load Fields.

  6.   For the Counter field, select "Calculated" from the Field Type selection list.

  7.   Click the Edit icon for Counter, and enter the following calculation:


  1.   Finish configuring the data feed by mapping fields, etc.
Schedule the data feed to run daily, before your daily digest notification runs.