000031350 - Archer 5.x - SQL script to find out the CRUD permission applied to all access roles

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Article Number000031350
Applies ToArcher 5.X
IssueSQL script for CRUD permission applied to all access roles
Resolution-- pages and roles with CRUD permissions. The create_date and created by would show who has created this permission where update_date and updated by would point out the time it is updated and the user who has updated it -- 
Select P.task_name,P.task_desc, 
R.xcomp_access_role_name, R.xcomp_access_role_desc, 
Pr.xpagesaccessroles_write, PR.xpagesaccessroles_delete, 
Pr.create_date, (Select user_username from tbluser where user_id=Pr.create_login)AS 'created by', 
Pr.update_date, (Select user_username from tbluser where user_id=PR.update_login) AS 'updated by' 
from tblXPagesRoles PR 
join tblPage P on PR.task_id=P.task_id 
Join tblXCompaniesAccessRoles R on R.xcomp_access_role_id=PR.access_role_id 
-- Roles associated with the groups-- 
Select R.xcomp_access_role_name, G.group_name from tblXGroupsRoles GR 
join tblXCompaniesAccessRoles R on GR.xcomp_access_role_id=R.xcomp_access_role_id 
join tblGroup G on G.group_id=GR.group_id 
-- Roles associated with the users-- 
Select R.xcomp_access_role_name, U.user_username from tblXUsersRoles UR 
join tblXCompaniesAccessRoles R on UR.xcomp_access_role_id=R.xcomp_access_role_id 
join tblUser U on U.user_id=UR.user_id 
-- Users associated with the groups-- 
Select G.group_name, U.user_username from tblXGroupsUsers GU 
join tblGroup G on G.group_id=GU.group_id 
join tblUser U on U.user_id=GU.user_id