000029328 - DLP Guide to understanding what the various error conditions mean in the data scan report

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Article Number000029328
Applies ToRSA Product Set: DLP
RSA Product/Service Type: Datacenter
RSA Version/Condition: 9.6 SP2
Platform: Windows
Platform (Other): null
O/S Version: 2008 Server R2 x64
Product Name: null
Product Description: null
IssueWhat do the following terms mean in the Data Center Scan reports.
The detailed information  for scans is accessed via EM UI -> Admin -> DataCenter -> Configuration and Status page -> EnterpriseCoordinator -> Site -> Grid Group -> History Panel
When a scan is completed a report is generated.
if successful, the scan status will be labeled "Completed with Exceptions"
The reasoning behind the phrase that scan was completed, but there are some files that could not be scanned.
ResolutionListed below is the explanation  for the reasons why files could not be scanned.
Compound File Partially Scanned:
A compound file is composed of several different files. Examples of these file types are pst,zip files archived files, archived files, back-up files or files containing links, paths to other files. (example would be Microsoft Office using OLE,) and jar files.

Sub-file Extraction from Compound File Failed:
One of the sub-files could not be scanned due to password, encryption,the target file no longer exists or the location of said file has been moved
Text Extraction Error
File format is not support, or file is password protected (see Data Center User Guide Appendix B for more information)
File Analysis  Error:
system timed out while analyzing file (file could be very large, or transfer from target to worker was interrupted when the file was being copied from target to grid worker)