000029436 - Query to retrieve information on global reports and the filters used in them

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Article Number000029436
Applies ToRSA Product Set : Archer

RSA Version/Condition : 5.x
Note: This query will work only on versions prior to 5.5.2.

Platform : Windows
IssueQuery to retrieve information on global reports and the filters used in them

select RB . report_name as ReportName , RB . report_desc as ReportDesc , RBFT .format_name asReportFormat ,
RB .is_statistical as IsStatistical , RBCO. chart_type , IV . iview_name , FT . field_name , FC .operator_logic,
FT1 .field_name , FCO . operator_name as Operator , FCTF . text_value as TextValue , FCD . begin_date ,FCD . end_date,
M.module_name as AppName
from tblReportBase RB join tblReportBaseFormatType RBFT ON RB . format_type_id = RBFT . format_type_id
left outer join tblReportBaseChartOption RBCO ON RB . report_base_id = RBCO .report_base_id
left outer join tblXIViewReport MIR ON MIR . report_id = RB .report_base_id
left outer join tblIView IV ON IV . iview_id = MIR .iview_id
left outer join tblReportBaseDisplayField RBDF ON RB . report_base_id = RBDF .report_base_id
left outer join tblIVFieldDef FD ON RBDF . field_id = FD .field_id
left outer join tblFieldTranslation FT ON FD . field_id = FT .field_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteria FC ON FC . filter_criteria_id = RB .filter_criteria_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaCondition FCC ON FCC .filter_criteria_id = FC .filter_criteria_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaConditionType FCCT ON FCCT .filter_criteria_condition_type_id = FCC.filter_criteria_condition_type_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaTextField FCTF ON FCTF .filter_criteria_condition_id = FCC.filter_criteria_condition_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaOperator FCO ON FCO .filter_criteria_operator_id = FCC .filter_criteria_operator_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaField FCF ON FCF .filter_criteria_condition_id = FCC.filter_criteria_condition_id
left outer join tblIVFieldDef FD1 ON FD1 . field_id = FCF .field_id
left outer join tblFieldTranslation FT1 ON FD1 . field_id = FT1 .field_id
left outer join tblFilterCriteriaDateField FCD ON FCD .filter_criteria_condition_id = FCC.filter_criteria_condition_id
left outer join tblReportModuleCriteria RMC ON RMC. report_base_id = RB.report_base_id
left outer join tblModule M ON M. module_id = RMC .module_id