000029435 - Query to retrieve information about cross reference relationships in RSA Archer 5.5.2 and later

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Article Number000029435
Applies ToRSA Product Set:   RSA Archer
RSA Version/Condition:  5.x, 6.x
Platform:  Windows
IssueThis article provides a query to retrieve information about cross reference relationships in RSA Archer.

SQL query for RSA Archer 5.5.2 or later

SELECT FD .field_id, FT.field_name,FT.field_desc,
MT.module_name ,MT1.module_name as RefApp, FT.field_name, FDC.default_grid_display , FDC.max_value ,
FDC.min_value , FDC .display_control_id, DC. display_control_name, ASO.aso_status_name , FDC.allow_lookup
FROM tblIVFieldDef FD
JOIN tblLevel L ON L .level_id = FD .level_id
JOIN tblModule M ON M .module_id = L .module_id
JOIN tblModuleTranslation MT ON MT.module_id = M.module_id
JOIN tblIVFieldRelationship FR ON FR .reference_field_id = FD .field_id
JOIN tblIVFieldDef FD1 ON FD1 .field_id = FR .related_field_id
JOIN tblFieldTranslation FT ON FT.field_id = FD.field_id
JOIN tblLevel L1 On L1 .level_id = FD1 .level_id
JOIN tblASOStatus ASO ON ASO .aso_status = FD .aso_status
JOIN tblModule M1 ON M1 .module_id = L1 .module_id
JOIN tblModuleTranslation MT1 ON MT1.module_id = M1.module_id left outer
JOIN tblIVFieldRelationship FR1 ON FR1.related_field_id = FD1.field_id left outer
JOIN tblIVFieldDefCrossRef FDC ON FDC.field_id = FD.field_id left outer
JOIN tblIVDisplayControl DC ON DC.display_control_id = FDC.display_control_id where FD .field_type_id = 9