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Article Number000029979
Applies ToIn an out of the box workflow, approval and fulfillment jobs have 3 different options for the performer
- Accepted
- Rejected
- Reassign
However there may be the need to add additional options for the reviewer. There are two different ways to do this.
Option 1: Add an additional transition
In the default workflows, the approval or fulfillment activity node has two conditional transitions leaving the node. These transitions are what make up the Accepted and Rejected buttons on the perform screen.
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You can add an additional conditional transition off of the activity node, and that will add another selection option to the form. When selected, the workflow will follow the newly defined transition flow path.
Option 2: Add a Manual Escalation
In the activity node itself we have the option to add what are called "Manual Escalations". This is an option that allows the performer to leverage a Escalation Workflow. By double clicking the activity node and navigating to the form tab, you can add items to the Manual Escalations table. Click the Green plus to create a new entry. On the left side enter what you would like the button to be named in the form, and on the right side select the workflow for it to leverage.
User-added image
In this screenshot I have created a button that is called "Need info" which the performer can press to run the "Request Additional Information" escalation workflow. Anything manual escalation will NOT advance the main workflow, it will remain on this node until one of the transition options is selected.