000030425 - IMG - Appliance Configuration - modifyhostname.sh for 6.9.1 and up

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Article Number000030425
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Management and Governance
RSA Version/Condition: 6.9.1
IssueRunning the modifyhostname.sh on a system running 6.9.1 results in an error message that looks like the following:
Failed to create Aveksa CA!   ../acmcerts.sh: file or directory not found

The reason for this message is due to line 157 and line 175 calling the acmcerts.sh file with a non-specific location of the file.  The acmcerts.sh file is located in 2 different directories:
When the script runs, it does not know which location to use for acmcerts.sh, and since ../acmcerts.sh is not a valid directory path, it will fail.
ResolutionFirst, be sure that ACM is not running, and the database is running, as per the instructions on page 19 of the Installation and Upgrade Guide:
Important: modifyhostname.sh requires the server to be stopped (service aveksa_server stop), but Oracle must be running (service aveksa_server startoracle) if it is installed.

In order to workaround this issue, what needs to be done is modify the modifyhostname.sh file on lines 157 and 175:
Modify both references of ../acmcerts.sh with 1 of the 2 full directory paths (/tmp/aveksa/staging/deploy/acmcerts.sh  OR /home/oracle/deploy/acmcerts.sh).  Be sure that there are no periods present before the directory paths.
For example:
Line 157:
../acmcerts.sh createca $HOSTNAME_SHORT y
should be changed to:
/home/oracle/deploy/acmcerts.sh createca $HOSTNAME_SHORT y

Line 175:
../acmcerts.sh createserver $SERVER_CN $AVEKSA_HOME/jboss/server/default/conf/keystore y
should be changed to:

/home/oracle/deploy/acmcerts.sh createserver $SERVER_CN $AVEKSA_HOME/jboss/server/default/conf/keystore y
NotesNote:  This is only a problem when IMG has been installed.  
For example:  
- On a new  hardware appliance which would be shipped with a default 'test'  hostname.  In this situation,  we expect a customer to update the hostname to something relevant to their site, upon receipt and installation of that appliance.  
- Or if a customer with an existing IMG installation who needs to change the current appliance hostname.
This error does not occur when IMG is not installed, and the script is run.