000030020 - Key Field Has Duplicates in DPS output in RSA Archer

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Article Number000030020
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Archer
RSA Version/Condition: 5.x,6.x
IssueWhen outputting record content via Data Publication Service (DPS) from Archer to a target database you notice that there are duplicate key fields in the target database when they should be unique.
TasksVerify if you have an records that have this value in the same field more than once.  If so, the field is set to be a "key" field, but not a "Unique" field.
ResolutionEdit the field in question to still be "Unique"
  1. Select "Administration" workspace
  2. Select "Application Builder"
  3. Select "Manage Applications"
  4. Select the application in question
  5. Select the "Fields" or "Layout" tabs
  6. Select the edit the "Key Field" in question
  7. Select the "Options" tab
  8. Select the "Unique" field option
  9. Save/Apply changes

This will prevent future records from having non-unique values.  Now you still may need to deal with a sub-set of records that have duplicate key field data.  Consider doing the following:

Run a report using the Tracking ID (system ID, not application) and the field in question. Apply any desired filters. Export to CSV. Change the duplicate values to unique values. Re-import using either the Data Import feature or the Data Feeds.