000029561 - How to Configure Approval Workflows so that the Same Individual Approves Changes only One Time

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Article Number000029561
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IssueWhen multiple approvals are required for a change request, sometimes a single individual could be required to approve the same change request multiple times.  For example, a change request might require that a supervisor and business owner both approve requests for access to an particular application. If the supervisor and business owner are the same individual, then this individual would be scheduled to approve the change request twice. This article explains how to modify a workflow so that a single individual never has to approve a change more than one time.
TasksAdd "Previous Approvers" to the Exclude list in the approval workflow node(s) of the approval workflow used for the change request:
1. In the UI go to Requests -> Workflows -> Approval tab -> workflow name -> Edit Workflow
2. Right-click on the approval workflow node - choose Properties
3. Under the Resources tab configure as follows:

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ResolutionAs an Approval Workflow is processed, each approval node's criteria is checked to determine who should approve the request. By excluding "Previous Approvers" from an approval workflow node, anyone who has already met the criteria for approving the request earlier in the workflow process is then excluded from approving the request again.