000029555 - Export only 6.1 Token Data for RSA Authentication Manager 8.1

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Article Number000029555
Applies To
RSA Product SetSecurID
RSA Product/Service TypeRSA Authentication Manager
RSA Version/Condition8.1 SP1
PlatformSUSE Enterprise Linux
Platform (Other) 
O/S Version11 SP3
Product Name 
Product DescriptionSecurID Appliance
IssueWhat process can export the authentication manage 6.1 token data for migration in to an RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 deployment?
ResolutionTo migrate any data from RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 to RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 an administrator would use the RSA Authentication Manager Database Dump program (sddump utility located in the ACEPROG folder; where ACEPROG is by default C:\Program Files\RSA Security\RSA Authentication Manager\prog on Windows platforms or /opt/rsa/ace/prog on UNIX platforms).
RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 has the capability that an administrator can only export token data with associated user information using RSA Authentication Manager Host Mode | Remote Mode > Token > Export Token… option. Unchecking the Include users associated with export tokens will only put token data into the DMP file.
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..this export process will generate a server database DMP file which is encrypted with the security block stored in the license record (license.rec) of the RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 primary. There is only token data or where the export option is selected, minimal user information with the user's associated PIN in the server database DMP file.
This means you will need the server database DMP file and license.rec to migrate the 6.1 token and user data into RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 via the Operations Console.
Example; migration of 6.1 server database into the 8.1 Operations Console:
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Relevant documentation is RSA Authentication Manager 6.1 to 8.1 Migration Guide (requires access to RSA SecurCare Online)
Notes Bear in mind that the 6.1 to 8.1 migration process does not overwrite existing data in the 8.1 database. You may want to take a backup of an minimal 8.1 database prior to migration testing.