000027921 - Linux commands used to manage RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle services

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Article Number000027921
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 6.x, 7.x
IssueThis article specifies the services commands available on RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle appliances and RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle software appliances (software installations) using local databases.

The automatic startup and shutdown of RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle on an appliance, is controlled by /etc/init.d/aveksa_server on a standalone server and /etc/init.d/aveksa_cluster on a WildFly cluster.

The command options for the service aveksa_server and acm commands can be found by entering either of the following commands at the Linux command line prompt, while logged into an appliance as either the oracle or admin user:

$ service aveksa_server help


$ acm help

Output will be as follows:

  service aveksa_server {command}
  acm {command}

Available commands:

start                         start ACM
stop                          stop ACM
status                        status of ACM
restart                       stop and start ACM

startoracle                   start all Oracle services
stoporacle                    stop all Oracle services
statusoracle                  show status of all Oracle Services
startdb                       start AVDB only
stopdb                        stop AVDB only
statusdb                      show status of AVDB only
startasm                      start +ASM only
stopasm                       stop +ASM only
statusasm                     show status of +ASM only
starthas                      start high availability services
stophas                       stop high availability services
statushas                     show status of high availability services
startoem                      start Oracle Enterprise Manager
stopoem                       stop Oracle Enterprise Manager
statusoem                     show status of Oracle Enterprise Manager
waitfordb                     wait indefinitely for connection to database
waitforrunning                wait for the ACM server to be in a running state

heap-dump                     create ACM heap dump
heap-dump-force               create ACM heap dump from unresponsive process

start-with-tests              start ACM with test automation framework
start-with-profiling          start ACM enabled for profiling
profiling-start               start profiling
profiling-stop                stop profiling
profiling-status              show profiling status
profiling-snapshot            create a profiling snapshot
controller-help               show additional profiling commands
{controller-command}          any command shown by controller-help

enablesecure                  Enable secure session cookie
disablesecure                 Disable secure session cookie