000027909 - KB-1611 Appropriate ASM device and OS to specify for a V6.x ACM installation on a DELL R720 Appliance

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Article Number000027909
Applies ToAffected Versions: 6.0.2; 6.0.1

The DELL R620 and R720 systems are new models of DELL hardware being used and supported for ACM software installations.

The existing V6.0.2 ACM Installation documentation (for Jboss Servers) makes specific references to the R620, but there is no mention of the R720 in the documentation.

Device for ASM partition:

With regards to specifying the device used for the ASM partition, For ACM V6.0.2, page 39, item #6, (as well as on page 70, item #2) states the following:

"6. If you are doing a new software installation, you can choose to use an existing (local) Oracle installation on the installation machine or an Oracle installation on a remote machine. Note: Aveksa recommends that you choose N and install Oracle in a local database deployment

Oracle ASM partition. Enter the value determined during the pre-upgrade phase. See “Determining the Oracle ASM Partition” on page 70 for more information. For the Dell 2900, this value is sdb1. For all other appliances, this value is sda3."


However, specifying 'sda3' as the +ASM partition device during the initial prompts of the ACM installation on a DELL R720, results in this error:

/dev/sda3 is not a valid partition

Note that the correct device to specify is sdb1. Using this value will result in a successful installation.


RedHat OS version used:


With regards to the RedHat version of the OS, the ISO and USB files which are needed for a DELL R620 and R720 are mentioned on page 24 of that same installation Guide. Currently, the documentation only mentions the R620. It should also mention the R720.

Any reference to:

(if installing on an R620 appliance)

should read:

(if installing on an R620 or R720 appliance.

This discrepancy has been corrected in the upcoming ACM 6.0.3 and 6.5 releases.