000028130 - How to disable the automatic startup of RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle when the server is rebooted

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Article Number000028130
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.1.0, 7.1.1
Platform: SUSE

There are times when the automatic startup of the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle processes on system boot or reboot need to be disabled or re-enabled. Once RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle has been installed, the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle processes ACM application server, ACM Watchdog, and Oracle instance (for a local installation) are started automatically when the system is booted or rebooted. There are times when this automatic startup needs to be temporarily disabled. The chkconfig Linux command is used to enable/disable these services.



The RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle  services that are automatically started when the appliance is booted to run levels 3 and 5 are:

  • afx_server
  • aveksa_server
  • aveksa_watchdog
  • oracle

To see the current status of these services, execute the chkconfig command as the oracle or root user:

$ chkconfig

Note that this command displays all services not just the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle services. The output will look similar to the following:.

afx_server                 on
aveksa_server          on
aveksa_watchdog     on
oracle                        on


To disable/enable these servers execute the below commands as the root user.

To disable a service from starting, enter the following command for each service that you wish to disable from automatically starting at boot time.

$ chkconfig -s aveksa_server off  

 To enable a service to start at boot time, enter the following command for each service that you wish to enable to automatically start at boot time.

$ chkconfig -s aveksa_server on

To enable a service to start at specific boot levels, enter the following command for each service and specify the specific boot level(s):

$ chkconfig -s aveksa_server xx
where 'xx' indicates the boot levels.
For example: $ chkconfig -s aveksa_server 35 will set the boot levels to 3 and 5 for the aveksa_server service.