000028131 - KB-1277 - What is the Aveksa Watchdog?

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Article Number000028131
Applies ToAffected Versions: All Versions
ResolutionThe Aveksa Watchdog is used to monitor the "Restart CM" button on the Admin->Appliance page in the UI.
When one of these buttons is pressed the script /usr/bin/restartproducts.sh is run which creates a file called restartACM in /tmp. The watchdog monitors /tmp and when the file is found executes the required scripts to restart the Aveksa Server process.
The watchdog is enabled by default during installation using the /etc/init.d/aveksa_watchdog script and is started in run levels 3,4 and 5. To see if the watchdog is enabled do a ps-ef and grep for ACMwatchdog. Use the chkconfig command to change the run-level for the script.
If the aveksa_watchdog is not running the "Restart CM" button will not function but the "Reboot Appliance" and "Shutdown Appliance" buttons will continue to operate. You can restart the aveksa_watchdog process using this command:
sudo service aveksa_watchdog start
Stopping the watchdog process requires you to kill the process, there is no stop command in the script.