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Article Number000027947
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ResolutionAfter a fresh installation or a restore of a database backup (dump) you can use the following sql queries to do a sanity check on the database. With the successful completion of these items you can begin to use the database.
1. Check the file system directories used by the database.
These directories are used for storage during collections and backups. If these are not found or incorrect they collectors , reports and backup will fail or produce anomalous results.
SQL> select * from all_directories where directory_name in


This query should return the following:


SYS AVEKSA_DATA_DIRECTORY /home/oracle/AveksaDataDir

SYS AVEKSA_EXPORTIMPORT_DIRECTORY /home/oracle/AveksaExportImportDir

The directories must be read/write for owner and group available and owned by oracle:oinstall If the actual directories are not in "/home/oracle" there should be a link from /home/oracle/<directory> to where the directories actually reside.
2. Check for XDB user (XML schema)
SQL> select username from all_users where username='XDB';




The XDB user is part of the XDB schema used for XML manipulation in the database. This is a required element for using the Aveksa schema, Without the XML the database will not be able to understand or transform any of the XML

3. Check for Aveksa created users
SQL> select * from all_users where username in ('AVUSER', 'AVDWUSER', 'ACMDB');


------------------ ------ -----------

ACMDB 70 02-DEC-10


AVUSER 68 02-DEC-10

These are the users that access the various functions in the database and are used by the application server to run various functions.
4. Validate table data in Aveksa schema.
SQL> select * from T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS where parameter in ('productVersion', 'Build', 'Hostname');
------------ -------------------------
Build 26745
Hostname vm-support-20.aveksa.local
productVersion 4.1

This will validate the installed build and version as well as the host being queried. These are the last items written to the database and validated when the app server is started. If these are correct the database is most likely OK. If they are not correct please contact Aveksa support.