000027947 - How to validate an installation or restored database in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

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Article Number000027947
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
RSA Version/Condition: 7.0.2, 7.1.0
IssueAfter a fresh RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle installation or a restore of a database backup (.dmp file) how can you verify that the database is functional before opening the application for general use? This knowledge-base article provides some SQL queries to verify the functionality of the database.

ResolutionRun the following SQL queries as AVUSER. With the successful completion of these items you may begin to use the database.

1. Check the backup directory

This directory is used for backups. If this directory is not found or is incorrect, the backup will fail.

SQL> SELECT owner, directory_name, directory_path FROM all_directories;

This query should return the following:
User-added image

The directory must be read/write for owner and group and owned by oracle:oinstall. If the actual directory is not in /home/oracle, there should be a link from /home/oracle/<directory> to where the directory actually resides.

2. Check for XDB user (XML schema)

SQL> SELECT username FROM all_users WHERE username='XDB';

This query should return the following:

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The XDB user is part of the XDB schema used for XML manipulation in the database. This is a required element for using the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle  schema. Without the XDB user, the database would not be able to understand or transform any of the XML.

3. Check for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle  created users

SQL> SELECT * FROM all_users WHERE username IN ('AVUSER', 'AVDWUSER', 'ACMDB');

This query will return:
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These are the users that access the various functions in the database and are used by the application server to run various functions.  

4. Validate system settings

SQL> SELECT * FROM T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS WHERE parameter IN ('productVersion', 'Build', 'Hostname');

This returns:

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This will validate the installed build number and version as well as the host being queried. These are the last items written to the database and validated when the application server is started. If these are correct, the database is most likely fine. If they are not correct, please contact RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle support