000028127 - KB-1391 - Latest HotFix for version 4.0.1

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Article Number000028127
Applies ToAffected Versions: 4.0
ResolutionHotFix 4 (HF04) has been released and is available for download and installation from the Aveksa FTP site ftp://ftp.aveksa.com/ACM/V4.0.1/hotfixes/401_HF04.tar.gz
Hotfixes are cumulative and the most current hotfix contains all the changes from previous hotfixes.
The following fix is new for HF04
Bug #8586/SF 5349 - Escalations do not fire
The items fixed in previous HF versions are:

Bug #8472/SF - Inbound Listener Support Needed

The fulfillment handler model needs to support inbound processing like older

event listeners. Several customers use this feature to fulfill a change in a

push model where ACM sits idle until invoked using an inbound servlet to process

status of changes handled.

Bug #8575/SF - Rule Violations do not display Violation Details in Reviews

In a review, when a user has entitlements that are part of an SOD rule, the

Red Yield Icon is appropriately shown that a violation exists. When clicking on

the violation icon, the pop-up does not display any Violation Details - no rows

are returned.

Bug #8526 / SF 5201, 5319 - Account Review - Batch Update Closes Review Screen


Bug #8709/SF - Review generation hangs

Moved the inline query to the main query block to fix the review generation



Bug #8698/SF - Users can not login

Users can not login or the login takes long time. This is found to be because

of issues with generating Aveksa entitlements for the user being logged in.

Optimization queries have been done while loading Aveksa user entitlements

to fix this issue.

Bug #8623/SF 5373 - Overall slowness in V4.0 when rules are running

There is a query that fetches all latest user entitlements into GTT table.

This has been running for long time consuming resources. This is fixed in

V4.0.1 to use permanent tables. In this hotfix, there have been changes made

to rule processing such that rules are not processed when all the rules are

inactive and there are no violations in system.

Bug #8576/SF 5303 - Request to disable Edit Users button for account reviews

A custom attribute has been provided to hide this "Edit User" button in

account reviews. The Custom attribute name : "AccountUserMappingDisabled"

If its value is set to "true" , the "Edit User" button will not be visible to

anyone. It is a global setting for everyone.