000028170 - KB-1268 - How to use custom settings for ACM UI

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Article Number000028170
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The following is a list of custom settings for the ACM UI. These attributes can be set in the UI under

Admin > System > Settings > Edit (wizard) > Custom (section)

The value for each setting may be 'true' or 'false', unless otherwise noted.

All these flags are cached for better performance, so when they're changed it is necessary to log out and log back in for the change to take effect.


Custom attributes


Attribute NamePurposeDescription
PageTimerPerformanceThe timer measures elapsed time taken to generate an HTML page. It starts when the request is received by the server, and stops when all of the content has been sent back in the response.
   The timer is attached to all main pages, and to all dialog inner content pages (the area with white background). Elapsed time, as well as start and end times for the processing appear at the bottom of the applicable HTML page.
AllowHomePagePerformanceIf set to 'false', the home page tab is not shown.
ShowReviewerSummaryPerformanceIf set to 'false', review statistics on the review main page will not be calculated.
ForcePageCleanupPerformanceIf set to 'true', on every main page transition, all dialogs are closed and cleaned up, and all tables are removed from TableManager.
HiddenUserAttributesSecurityHides the listed user attributes from user detail popup dialogs.
   This only works on extended user attributes found at the bottom of the user detail screen under Custom Attributes.
   Example value: 'Employee ID, Job Level, Unique Id'
AllowAllSystemSettingsInfoIf set to 'true', all settings will be shown on the Admin > System > Settings page.
ShowRoleOptionalFeature - RolesShow role related optionalrequired entitlements.
GlobalRoleAlternateNameAttributeFeature - RolesCauses a custom attribute to be used when possible for global role values.
populateEntLongDescriptionInExtEventFeature - EntitlementsPopulate the entitlement long description in the external event.
DuplicateActivityCheckFeature - ActivityCauses activities to enter the Duplicate state if a duplicate activity is found when creating activities.
ImportFileSizeLimitFeature - Import/ExportThe custom system setting ImportFileSizeLimit' can be used to specify the file size limit (in MB) for import. For ex. specify '6' for <=6 MB file size, default is 2 MB , available from 3.6.2+ HF & 3.6.3. This setting is specifically for XML import and not Business Description files. (Note that the max limit for Business Description files is currently a hard coded limit of 10mb.)