000029101 - [i18n]User property values with Japanese unicode characters not correctly displayed in AxM AdminGui and self service app

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Article Number000029101
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    Active Directory...Windows 2008 AD Japanese
    -AxM Server...Windows Server 2008 Japanese, Tomcat 7.0.55/JDK1.7.0_67

    This issue also obsereved in Windows 2012 AD.
    This issue is not observed in Oracle data store. 


Issue with Admingui
1. Define user property. In this example, "company".
2. In AxM Admin GUI, create new user and set the value with unicode character in "company" property.
(see attached, 2_create_user_with_property_unicode_characters.png)
3. From the "Users & Administrators" list, edit the user created above.
4. In "Edit User" screen, click "Properties" button.
(see attached, 4_edit_the_user.png)

->Observed result: The values in the user property are not displayed correctly.

Issue with Self service
->User property values are not correctly displayed including "ctscSecretQuestionAnswer",  
1. Upgrade AxM Server from 6.2 to 6.2 SP2 then restart AxM servers and tomcat.
2. From AxM AdminGUI 6.2 SP2, create new user
3. Log in to SelfService using newly created user
4. Set the "Answer" to the security question with unicode characters.
5. Set the "Answer" values, then click "Submit".
8. In the main screen on SelfService UI, choose "Change Security Answers"
->Observed result: Security Questions are not displayed correctly.


ResolutionThe issue is with the default charset used while getting the bytes out of String. By default the charset is windows-1252 (in my env which is on windows). The fix is to pass in the charset to the getBytes API call like,
String.getBytes to String.getBytes("UTF-8")
There are numerous places where we just do the .getBytes() API call. 
This hotfix addresses the above issues by making necessary code changes.

RSA Access Manager Server Hotfix (15-Dec-2014)
Issue Fixed:
  CTSRV-6364: [i18n]User property value, "ctscSecretQuestionAnswer" not properly
  displayed in 6.2 SP2 with AD which causes the issues in SelfService.
  CTSRV-6365 - [i18n]User property values with unicode characters not correctly
  displayed in AxM Admin GUI 6.2 SP2 using with AD.
  CTSRV-6361: port to 6.2.2: "Change The Way Failover works for
  Extended Outages".