000028191 - How to manually set the date and time on an RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle hardware appliance

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Article Number000028191
Applies ToRSA Product Set: Identity Governance & Lifecycle
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IssueThe RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle hardware appliance is already configured to synchronize its system clock with a public time server, clock.psu.edu. This RSA Knowledge Base Article explains some commands to manually define the date and time on a hardware appliance.
ResolutionLogin to the appliance as the root user:

  1. Set the timezone (if other than the default EST)

  1. Navigate to /usr/share/zoneinfo.
  2. Find your timezone.
  3. Backup the original timezone file.

cp /etc/localtime /etc/localtime.old

  1. Copy the new timezone

cp <newtimezone> /etc/localtime

  1. Set date and time:

date -s "30 APR 2009 14:03:00"

  1. Sync the BIOS hardware clock

hwclock -w

To synchronize the appliance to a corporate timeserver or an NTP server, please see the following RSA Knowledge Base Articles: