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Article Number000028141
Applies ToAffected Versions: 3.6.4; 3.6.3; 3.6.2; 3.6.X
  • Is it true that /usr/bin/tomcat/webapps/aveksa/WEB-INF/spmlhandler/ dir is the only place that ACM will execute aveksaspmleventhandler.jar file?


  • The plugins.jar located in /usr/bin/tomcat/webapps/aveksa/WEB-INF/ is the .jar file that executes. The jar located in /usr/bin/tomcat/webapps/aveksa/WEB-INF/spmlhandler/ is the deployable jar. Customers must take the jar in /usr/bin/tomcat/webapps/aveksa/WEB-INF/spmlhandler/, modify it (i.e. change properties files and then deploy it, using the UI). The end result is that the modified jar is now stored as plugins.jar in /usr/bin/tomcat/webapps/aveksa/WEB-INF/ and this is what is executed.
  • These two jar files (aveksaspmleventhandler.jar and plugins.jar) are exactly same, except for the spmleventhandler.properties file. The spmleventhandler.properties file in plugins.jar is the one currently used.



  • When the SPML transaction is triggered, does ACM look plugins.jar or aveksaspmleventhandler.jar first?


    • It looks at plugins.jar first. aveksaspmleventhandler.jar is never looked at. As mentioned above, this jar has to be modified and deployed.


  • In our system, when we look at the Event Handler under the CR Policy tab via Admin GUI, we see aveksaspmleventhandler.jar instead of plugins.jar as the value of the Event Handler Jar field. However, the logs show that the SPML transaction invokes plugins.jar instead of aveksaspmleventhandler.jar, since the IDM Work Flow name is written in the spmlevenhandler.properties file, inside the plugins.jar (and not aveksaspmleventhandler.jar).


  • In the UI, what you see is the name of the file uploaded from the local file system. (ie: bring the aveksaspmleventhandler.jar file to your local machine. extract it and modify the properties file. Now 're-jar' the file and rename it. Upload this file using the UI. What you will see in the UI is new file name. 'Under the covers', when the jar is transmitted to the server, the server stores it as plugins.jar in the location specified above.


  • Do we need to reboot the server when the jar file is changed?
    • You should bounce only the server and agent (ie: not a full reboot).